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Multifunction Water Food Pet Bottle

Multifunction Water Food Pet Bottle

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🐾 Keep your furry friend happy on-the-go with our Multifunction Water Food Pet Bottle! 🐾

Designed for the convenience of pet owners and the comfort of their beloved pups, this 3-in-1 solution is a must-have for every adventure. Whether you're out for a hike or traveling with your furry companion, this portable bottle ensures they stay hydrated, fed, and clean.

💧 Stay hydrated, stay happy: With a built-in water dispenser, your dog can quench their thirst anytime, anywhere, ensuring they stay energized throughout the day.

🍽️ On-the-go feeding: No more carrying bulky food containers! Our bottle features a food feeder, allowing you to provide your pup with a quick meal whenever they need it.

💩 Clean up made easy: Say goodbye to messy walks with the built-in poop dispenser. Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic, making walks with your pup stress-free.

🐶 Perfect for big dogs: With a generous 300ml capacity, this bottle is ideal for larger breeds who need plenty of hydration and nourishment on their adventures.

🌟 Express your love: Customize your bottle with our fun stickers included with every purchase. Add a playful touch and make outings with your pet even more enjoyable!

Upgrade your pet care routine with our Portable Multifunction Dog Water Bottle Food Feeder and make every adventure a tail-wagging success! 🐶✨

Product: Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle
Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink
Capacity: 300ml , 500ml
Feature: Portable, Multifunctional, Easy to Carry, BPA-free, Safe and Durable, Easy to cleaning.
Suit for: Large, Medium and Small Dogs Cats

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