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Automatic Dog Drinking Fountain

Automatic Dog Drinking Fountain

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Introducing the "PawsSplash Pet Water Fountain: Where Hydration Meets Fun!"

🐾 Easy Activation and Training: Watch your furry friend quench their thirst with just a simple paw press! Our dog fountain dispenses water effortlessly, making hydration a breeze.

🐾 Clean Water, Happy Paws: Say goodbye to stagnant water bowls! Simply attach our water sprinkler toy to your garden hose for a continuous flow of fresh water, ensuring your pet stays hydrated and healthy.

🐾 Safety First, No Electricity Required: Rest assured knowing our fountain is designed with your pet's safety in mind. Crafted with heavy gauge steel for durability, it features a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads for stability, all without the need for electricity.

🐾 Easy Setup, No Fuss: Setting up our doggie water fountain is a walk in the park! With bonus adaptors, connectors, and a 2-way Y hose connector included, connecting to your water source is a breeze. Plus, adjust water pressure effortlessly with the control valve.

🐾 Bonding Time with Your Pup: Make memories and stay hydrated together! Perfect for playful pups who love water, our fountain provides not only refreshment but also endless fun for your furry companion.

🐾 Designed with Your Dog in Mind: We're committed to keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. Our dog fountain undergoes regular updates to ensure it meets your pet's needs for hydration and enjoyment.

🐾 Always Fresh, Always Fun: Keep the hydration flowing with our clever doggy water fountain! Equipped with a 40" hose for easy connection to any tap, your pup can enjoy a cool drink whenever they please, simply by stepping on the paw pad.

Package Includes:

🐾 1 x PawsSplash Pet Water Fountain 🐾 1 x 40-inch Hose 🐾 1 x English User Manual

Make hydration an adventure with PawsSplash – because every sip should be a splash of fun! πŸΆπŸ’¦

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